LIfe is lots of things. I try to not let it be dull. That would be the worst.

Lost control

August 27, 2006 is the day that I lost my centre. I didn’t realize it, though, until one day in September. I was at the school’s welcome Pizza night at the beginning of the year. Pizza night was brilliant idea. Everyone comes out for pizza!

The ER doctor had said that I would be better in about a week, this was about three weeks later.   I wasn’t really sure how I was doing but I was pretty sure that I would be getting better.

I had borrowed a wheelchair from a friend, thinking that there might not be enough seating and that I wouldn’t be able to stand for the whole evening.

The night went pretty well. I sat in the chair a bit but mostly it got used by the kids. They pushed friends around and practiced doing pop-a-wheelies in it.

At the end of the night, I started down the slight decline to the car. I felt okay, my back didn’t hurt too terribly much. However, I quickly realized that I had a problem. I was no longer in complete control of my body. I had lost control of my upper body.

As my feet and legs slowly went down the decline, my upper body started to get ahead of them. I couldn’t keep it square above my hips. This was new and kind of scary. As I started to feel like I was losing control I had to yell for my kids to come get me.

“Help! Someone come get me! I’m going too fast!”

At first they had no idea what I was talking about.  I had to tell them to catch me, that I couldn’t keep my body up and I was starting to go faster than I could keep up to.  They looked at me like I was crazy, but one of them let me grab on so that I could get properly upright.  I don’t  think anyone not trained would have been able to tell what was happening but to me it felt like I was completely out of control.

For a few months after, whenever we had a small decline to go down my kids would slow down and be prepared to let me hold onto them to keep my top half from feeling like it was getting away from the rest of me.

After some physiotherapy my core muscles started to remember that they are instrumental in keeping me upright. I can now walk down hills with abandon.


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