LIfe is lots of things. I try to not let it be dull. That would be the worst.

This is the painful part…

– a blog about pain!? I know what you’re thinking. Fun! Sign me up. This is going to be so great to read. Uh yeah… it will. Because I have learned to laugh at the ridiculous that has happened to me and to take what happiness I can out of life. This is part tragicomedy and part melodrama.

Actually, it’s about pain and the everyday living stuff that happens because of or in spite of pain. It’s for those of us who experience pain daily and struggle through, not in some heroic way so that they’ll write books and songs about us. Nobody is going to watch a movie about us carrying on with our lives.

Try to imagine – Trish wakes in the morning and slowly stretches her legs and looks at her phone for about 30 minutes. She rolls to her side and props herself up on the side of her bed where she stretches her upper body for a few minutes. After slowly dressing and getting ready she walks downstairs, pours a glass of water and takes her pills for the day. I think you are probably getting the idea. Not exciting enough for a movie. Probably not even good enough for a country song.

But, I think it is heroic to keep fighting each day. It can take a mountain of effort to get out of bed, to look after others, to go to work, to do life at a slower pace – whatever it is that our pain results in.

Maybe you have a little bit of pain always; maybe you have sudden bursts of intense pain that, thank goodness, leave soon; or you have long lasting, intense pain every day. It doesn’t matter what our differences are. We are united in pain! Everyone has someone, we have each other.

My fun started in August of 2006. I was thrown,thrown not fell, off a horse at the end of a camping trip I took with my three kids and three of their friends.


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