LIfe is lots of things. I try to not let it be dull. That would be the worst.

This is a hard habit to make.

Actually, it's not me.  Surprise!  It's from the Art Institute of Chicago.  From their African exhibit.

Actually, it’s not me. Surprise! It’s from the Art Institute of Chicago. From their African exhibit.

I’ve been feeling kind of whiny this week. I had a tooth pulled last weekend. I had it filled once and could have had a root canal but they figured it would probably just break within a few years anyway. So it made sense to do one painful thing rather than two if I was going to end up at the same place in the end.

My face still hurts. It’s been a week. It is amazing to me how miserable a person can be made to feel from such a small area. I have chronic back pain, which I greatly prefer to mouth/head pain.

So that’s my excuse for abandoning my bright, shiny new blog. I just did not feel like writing. Don’t worry though, I abandoned lots of other stuff too, not just the blog. I found it really hard to figure out food for my people when I couldn’t eat. I mean, who cares if your family has something to chew on when you can’t chew. Right? Maybe that’s my “shit mom” persona kicking in.

I’m kind of glad the “shit mom” thing didn’t catch on. My youngest was asking me to grab stuff out of the car and put her words together weird so what I heard was, “Can you get that? Shit mom.” We ran with that as my nickname for the night. I don’t think you should hang on to nicknames that could come back to bite you in the ass later. Nobody remind my kids.

What’s your least favorite pain? What nickname have you had that bit you in the ass later?


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