LIfe is lots of things. I try to not let it be dull. That would be the worst.

I’m doing it again. This means it’s legit, right?

So.  The is  post number two.  I’m practically a writer!  I think this is what it means.  Maybe not.  But, I have said that I want to write a novel and seeing that I have only two chapters done in about two years, maybe I should try to start some sort of “writing habit”.  I learned that somewhere.  One of the “94 Habits to Becoming a Real Writer” or some such article.

I really want to write about the last year or so of my dad’s life.  He had a brain tumour and while devastating, it also led to some pretty funny times.  That’s stuff for another post or 200 though.  Maybe if I started a side blog about my dad I could piece together the stories and have a novel.  Voila!

I have started writing a whole bunch…. of times.  Probably my first clue that I should write is that my friends kept my notes from high school.  Apparently they are super hilarious.  Some are.  Most make me cringe.  I guess I didn’t miss too much of the “teen girl angst”.   Still, they made people laugh.  Will they ever get published – hah!  NO.

I worked for a newspaper right out of Alberta Vocational School.  Very important stuff.  I called people to harass them about being ridiculously behind on their payments for advertising and then took their order for the next ad.  I never understood this operational decision but maybe it was because I was hugely pregnant.  My huge pregnant belly freaked out my middle-aged male boss, a lot.  People where I worked wrote stuff.  Maybe I picked it up by osmosis.

I wrote a lot of papers in university.  A lot.  Like, so many.  Psychology does not lend itself to creativity though.  I basically regurgitated stuff I read and then told them who had said it first.  That was super fun!  I must be good at it though – my grades were pretty good.  That’s pretty similar to writing.

So.  Now that I have decided that I really should, actually, for real, try to have a writing career of some sort what am I doing about it?  This.  What you are reading.  That’s it so far.  Once I decided to put something out there, it is super scary.  What if I suck?  What if you all hate me?  Ugh… I have the biggest list of potential articles and blog posts.  I researched writing and now I have to again because it was so long ago that I forgot what I read the first time.  At least if I am researching, I am working on it.




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